Our Story

Inspired by our family's generations-long legacy in grain sorting and processing, we grew up immersed in the industry, mastering the processes of wheat, barley, and corn. Our high school and college years were spent actively understanding of grain methodology, storing, cleaning, milling, packaging and integrated with project understanding and management.

This hands-on experience and our laboratory studies fueled our passion for the grain industry. In 1995, we officially founded Agrimac, combining our extensive knowledge and dedication to continue our journey in the field.


Our R&D Studies and Field Experience:

  • Powerful R&D.

  • Operation Process.

  • Sector Efficiency.

  • Experience



Agrimac has a strong R&D team with field experience. We aim to maximize efficiency in the industry through the R&D efforts driven by the feedback of our operations. As members of a family who met grains in childhood and grew up with this industry, our know-how has been passed down through generations. We have been present both in the field and in the production process. We have had a hands-on experience with grains, taken a closer look at different types of grains, and ground wheat into dough. The knowledge coming from our roots drives our R&D works. Our childhood experiences starting from wheat and extending to making dough have been one of the cornerstones of our company.

Our Vision

Agrimac aims to provide the highest level of support to our industry stakeholders as well as grain storage and processing representatives. We aim to be an industry leader by offering feasible solutions to ensure profitability in challenging conditions.

Our Mission

Agrimac aims to represent the industry in the best way, providing innovative services to our stakeholders. We aim to be a result-oriented brand, empowering our stakeholders.

Agri Group

Message from Agri Team

Witnessing the deep-rooted history and rich cultural heritage of Anatolia, Agrimac is inspired by the essence of a history spanning more than a quarter of a century. We were born in the fertile lands of Anatolia, and we ventured out to the entire world. Agrimac combines this powerful legacy from the past with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit to make its achievements possible. We continue to leverage the state-of-the-art technology to push our success even further.

Uğur Emir Barlık

public and customer relations


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