An enclosed, rectangular cross – section, made of steel casing is furnished with an endless chain equipped with flights. The lower chain section moves along the bottom of the steel casing and conveys the materials. The return part of the chain is guided along the central rail. The chain runs around a sprocket at the outlet end and around and idler at the inlet end. The material and chain travel along at a uniform speed. The product is dropped through the chain at the outlet and flows out of the conveyor. The design of the chain lets several inlets, which can be arranged along the entire length of the conveyor. It is also possible to install outlet gates, which can be manually and remotely controlled.


  • Provide dust -free and hygienic working conditions
  • Protective precautions are taken against dust explosions
  • High capacity, less area occupied
  • Enclosed construction, dust – tight and air – proof design
  • Reliable (dependable)
  • Long life and durability
  • Adjustable capacity by using ZT series of chain installation
  • The chain
  • The most important and working part of a chain conveying system is “chain”. In order to obtain the necessary high tensile strength and wear resistance of the chain, it is manufactured in a special forging and hardening process.
  • For special application at food processing and handling, the stainless steel chain can be supplied.