The Square Plansifter is a machine that plays a very important role in the process of producing flour. It is used for the sifting and classifying of ground grain that comes from the Roller Mill. The sifting process is arranged according to the milling diagram. The plansifter consists of the following main parts:

  • Two parts of sifter frame compartments
  • Chassis (Driving Section)
  • Swinging parts on both sides
  • The compartments are connected to the chassis with bolts so that the plansifter gets hung to the ceiling with wag parts.
  • The plansifter is designed for sifting various grains, rye, maize and also drum mills.
  • Net sifting area of 24 to 120 m² depending on the type of sieves
  • Steel construction
  • Intensive motion for gaining maximum capacity
  • Up to 14-28 sieves per compartment
  • Wood sieves with coated formica
  • Noseless and eccentric sieve cleaning
  • Sieve trays of tin-plated steel sheet