Inox Control Pipe with Control Cover YP-100

Inox Control Pipe YP-101

Inox Two-Way Pipe YP-102

Inox Bend Segmet YP-103

Inox Asymmetrical Two-Way Pipe YP-104

Inox Symmetrical Two-Way Pipe SP105

Inox Flow Pipe YP-106

Inox Flange Plansifter Bottom Control YP-107

Inox Ventilation Pipe YP-108

Inox Reduction YP-109

Inox Crolet Clamp YP-110

Stove Injector (ST-37) Painted YP-111

Pipe Injetor (ST-37) Painted YP-112

Flour Screw Conveyor (ST-37) Painted YP-113

Straight Hopper (ST-37) Painted YP-114

Curved Hopper (ST-37) Painted YP-115

Bend Segmet (ST-37) Painted YP-116

Flow Pipe (ST-37) Painted YP-117

Aluminium Elbow YP-118

Casted Elbow-YP-119

Aluminium Clappet YP-120

Seperator Rubber Balls YP-121

Plastic Cleaner YP-122

Brush Plastic Cleaner YP-123

Double Tapoten With Brush YP-124

Double Tapoten With Drop YP-125

Star Tapoten (Drop) YP-126

Star Tapoten (Drop) YP-127

Bottom Cleaner YP-128

Cotton Cleaner YP-129




Fastener YP-133

Stripe Lock YP-134


Filter Head (Timer) Type1 YP-136

Filter Head (Timer) Type2 YP-137

Bran Finisher Product Inlet Glass YP-138

Air Adjustment Clappet for the Top of Cyclonet (Aluminium) YP-139

Bearing of Screw (adjustable) YP-140

Bearing of Screw (stable) YP-141

Roller Mill Ball Bearing Type1 YP-142

Roller Mill Ball Bearing Type2 YP-143

Felt YP-144

Plansifter Upper Sleeve YP-145

Plansifter Bottom Sleeve YP-146

Plansifter Hanging Rod YP-147

Filter Cave YP-148

Jet Filter Sleeve YP-149

Aluminium/Plastic Filter Cover YP-150

Aluminium/Plastic Diaphragm Type1 YP-152

Aluminium/Plastic Diaphragm Type2 YP-152

Filter Diaphragm (Silicone) YP-153

Filter Washer or Spring YP-154

Filter Air Relief Valve for YP-155

Screw Conveyor Hanger Bearing YP-156

Elevator Koko Bolt / Steel Headed YP- 157

Bag Buggy YP-158

Bag Buggy YP-159

Chock (Type2) YP-160

Support and Circular Chock (Type-3) 161

Seperator Chock (Type4) YP-162

Dry Stoner Rubber Bag YP-163

Elevator Belt Rubber YP-164

Elvator Nylon White Belt YP-165

Conveyor Loading Belt YP-166

Rollermill Cover (Type1) YP-167

Rollermill Cover (Type2)168

Rollermill Sight Glass (Type1) YP-169

Rollermill Sight Glass (Type2) YP-170

Pneumatic Glass YP-171

Purifier Brush Piston YP-172

Adjustable Rollermill Brush YP-173

Purifier Brush YP-174

Scrapper Rollermill Knife YP-175

Rollermill Brush YP-176

Pipe Brush YP-177

Hand Brush YP-178

Plansifter Frame -Insert Frame YP-179

Plansifter Adhesive (01) YP-180

Plansifter Adhesive (02) YP-181

Rubber Elbow YP-191

Rubber Elbow YP-191

Rubber Cover YP-192

Rubber Sleeve YP-193

Thumbscrew YP-194

Sponge Profiles (Wick) YP-195

Elevator Belt Punch Pin YP-196

Reducer Motor YP-197

Vibro Motor YP-198

Timing Belt- 191 Poly V belt YP-199

V belt YP-200

Poly V Break Set YP-201

Poly V Smooth Set YP-202

Timing Belt Break Set YP-203

Timing Belt Smooth Set YP-204

Smooth - Break Mill Rollermill Gear YP-205

Roller Mill Roll (Break/Smooth ) YP-206

Square Silo YP-207

Sliding Gate YP-208

Bearing (ST-37) Painted YP-116

Bearing House (SNH) YP-210 Ball Bearing

Elevator Pulley YP-211

Star Coupling YP-212

Plate Magnet YP-213

Pipe Magnet YP-214

Grid Magnet YP-215

Magnet YP-216

Chimney YP-217

Air Lock YP-218

Pneumatic Cyclonet YP-219

Bag Holder YP-220

Rotoflow Hanger Apparatus

Conveyor Belt Fastener YP-222

Sewing Machine YP-223

Portable Sewing Machine YP-224

Sewing Machine Motor and Thread YP-225

Sewing Machine Hanger YP-226

Scale YP-227

Sandblasting Rubber Sheet YP-228

Plastic Elevator Bucket YP-229/YP-230

Elevator Bucket YP-231

Nylon Screening Cloth YP-232


Telescobic Belt

Plansifter Frame

Plastic Plansifter Frame