It is used in the flour and semolina mills for separating fine particles adhering to products difficult to sift.The machine is comprised basically of a beater rotor surrounded by an easily changeable sieve. The rotor is driven by V-belts from a motor.The sieve is directly activated by a vibromotor. Intensive vibration keeps sieve clean,sifting action is even and continuous. Vibration – damping suspension provides silent and smooth operation, thus vibration is not be transferred to the building. The product is taken into the stainless steel wire sieve. Due to the beater rotor,the product is sifted and conveyed along the vibrating screen surface.The sifted drops into the collecting hopper.The coarse product is conveyed to the outlet at the end of the sieve cylinder.


  • During the production of the moving parts of this machine, prime quality durable steel materials
  • That are appropriate for vibration and proper welding methods for these materials were used.
  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency
  • Enabling sifting in a larger area by using a sifter without an additional frame
  • Easy and fast sifter replacement
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Energy and space efficiency when compared to using two single-direction machines
  • Higher capacity and efficiency due to the eccentric shaft.