Machine designed for the removal of fine and coarse impurities from cereal caryopsis by sifting. Due to its adjustable speed and inclinable screen, it can be used as a multilateral grain-cleaning machine.The Vibratory Grain Separator is designed and manufactured to sort rough and fine impurities from the cereal before processing. The separation process is carried out in accordance with kernel size. The capacity of the Vibratory Grain Separator is determined according to the scope of use. It is used for pre-cleaning purposes by using large-hole sieves in order to obtain high capacities in the raw material (cereal) storage systems and for precise cleaning in grain processing plants by using small-hole sieves for eective cleaning before processing the wheat at small capacities. Every aspect of the project has been carefully considered in order to obtain high-quality machines. The machine can be provided both in the galvanised and in the painted version. Particular attention should be shown to the safety measures, the prevention of accidents and the environmental protection laws.


  • During the production of the moving parts of this machine, prime quality durable steel materials that are appropriate for vibration and proper welding methods for these materials were used.
  • Ability to adjust the time that the products stay on the sifter via the adjustable sifter surface angle and more effcient sifting options for different cereals.
  • Durable and long-life construction
  • High quality silent vibration motors and perfect vibrating action
  • Ease of cleaning and usage, thanks to the easily changeable sifter surfaces
  • Maximum operation eciency and low operation costs